Going through old pictures taken by my father, I found this one showing a house with a large chess field in the garden.

River, Railway Bridge, House and a huge chess field behind it

I wondered where this picture was taken. From the other pictures on this film roll I knew it was taken on a trip to the rhine falls. So it must be somewhere between Uster where we live and the falls, probably after Winterthur.

Could I locate the place of this house? It occurred to me, that the picture shows a railway bridge over a river. Also this picture was probably taken from a another bridge, where the route crossed the river.

So I dug up a map which shows canton Zurich plus part of it's neighbourhood. I looked for a crossing between a river and a railway line. I found several ones, but this stood out of it:

map showing Uster, Winterthur, rhine falls and Andelfingen map extract showing Andelfingen, the river and the bridge

Right of Andelfingen one sees the street crossing the river, and right of that the red line which is the railway. Could this be the right spot? How to verify it right away without having to travel to this place?

There is one map server in Switzerland which gives not only maps of every place but also aerial pictures, this is sanday. So I went over there and entered Andelfingen and switched to aerial views and inspected the place. I soon found the spot, here put together out of a few pictures gathered from above web site:

Aerial view of the guessed spot

The black arrow points to the guessed house, while the red lines indicate the camera angle probably leading to above picture. You think I found the right spot?

To be 100% sure I would need to go out to the same spot and take picture the same way my father did about 35 years ago.