Paris 2001/2002

I visited Paris once in 2001 with friends and 2002 with my mother. I mixed video clips from both travels into a single movie. It's 13 minutes 22 seconds long and 81 MByte in size (610 kbit/s stream). For preview or if you have a low bandwidth connection to the internet here is a smaller one, 21 MByte, 210 kbit/s).

This time I made the music myself putting together samples in GarageBand. I've made a zip file (4.2 MByte) of my GarageBand folder for those interested in it. On your Mac you can unzip it, to get back the GarageBand project.

Use a recent version of mplayer (1.0pre7 works) to view it, or Quicktime version 7 or newer.