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Uses of Sentence in ch.claudio.trainer

Methods in ch.claudio.trainer that return types with arguments of type Sentence
static java.util.List<Sentence> Model.searchSentence(java.lang.String language, java.lang.String snippet, boolean headMatch)
          Look which sentences in a given language match the given string.

Methods in ch.claudio.trainer with parameters of type Sentence
static void Model.associateSentence(Sentence from, Sentence to, ConnectionType type, User user)
          Create association between sentences.
static void Model.delSentence(Sentence sentence)
          Add a new sentence to the database.
 void Model.reassociateMedia(Media media, Sentence sentence)
          Associate a different sentence to a media.

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Methods in that return Sentence
 Sentence Media.getSentence()
 Sentence ConnectedWords.getSentence1()
 Sentence ConnectedWords.getSentence2()

Methods in with parameters of type Sentence
 void Media.setSentence(Sentence sentence)

Constructors in with parameters of type Sentence
ConnectedWords(ConnectionType typeArg, Sentence sentence1Arg, Sentence sentence2Arg, User originatorArg)
Media(MediaType typeArg, byte[] dataArg, Sentence sentenceArg, User originatorArg)