Prepare the disk

First I had to modify the parition table of the disk. The free partition was already defined, but had the wrong type, as I had used them as HFS partition before. To be usable by Linux it must have type Apple_UNIX_SVR2. So I deleted the partition and recreated it with the new values. While doing this I also changed the names of some other partitions. Here the commands for doing it. On the first line the call of pdisk(8), then the commands given to pdisk.

pdisk /dev/hda
n 8 Swap
n 9 LinuxPPC
n 10 Reserve
d 11
C 11p 2132400 Linux Apple_UNIX_SVR2
Here you can see the resulting parition table and how it was before the changes.

As next step the partition must be formatted. That's done with the mke2fs(8) command. A simple

mke2fs /dev/hda11

did the job. Now I could mount the disk

mount /dev/hda11 /mnt

and start with putting stuff on it.

Last updated: 1999-08-21 by Claudio Nieder