Installation of LinuxPPC R5

Unfortunatly I started this page only a few weeks after having installed Linux.

From my memory I recall, that paritioning the hard disk and putting the installer on it worked according the LinuxPPC installation guide. I quickly figured out, that I couldn't get my ethernet connection to work, so I FTPed the whole RedHat subdirectory from the Swiss mirror onto an empty HFS partition, so that I could do a hard disk install. The first tries did not work, until I found a Web page, or Usenet article, explaining, that the installer looks for some files in the wrong place. After fixing that, installation of all packages worked fine.

I now had a running LinuxPPC R5 on my PowerBook. But it was configured for an US keyboard, and I've got a Swissgerman keyboard. And then there is the trackpad. I don't really like this device. And under Linux it seems even more difficult to handle than under MacOS. Movements seem even "jumpier" than under MacOS, it seems to produce button events, when tapped on it. So as next step, I want to fix that.

I created a PowerBook Swiss-german keymap.

In a usenet article I found a reference to a page containing a tool, which would disable trackpad tapping and dragging. This works pretty well.

Last updated: 1999-08-18 by Claudio Nieder