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Linux on my PowerBook

Starting with LinuxPPC R5 I made several changes until I came to the status quo in my Linux installation, the latest partition reshuffling is not even documented. But I'm getting closer to have a system I like.

Linux is installed on a 2.5 GByte partition together with 0.5 GByte for swap. Besides that I've got a 350 MByte partition holding the remains from my first LinuxPPC installation, so that I have something to boot into, if I ever misconfigure my main Linux to the point that it won't boot anymore. There is a 0.5 GByte partition in use for MacOS 8.6 and three 0.5 GByte and one 1 GByte partitions which are currently not used.

I've modified the directory structure to be rather simple. I also simplified the boot process and configuration. I wanted all configuration files in /etc and as few as possible of them.

I upgraded the kernel to the most recent 2.2.13. and I installed myself the software I felt I needed.

I use BootX with these arguments

init=/usr/bin/init video=atyfb:vmode:14,cmode:32 adb_buttons=65,69 hda=autotune

to start up Linux. I needed to put init= because my init is not in one of the places which are searched by the kernel. The buttons 65 and 69 correspond to the keypad . and + keys, which are activated using the fn key.

Last updated: 2000-04-16 by Claudio Nieder