The Knoppix Cheat Codes as CD booklet I wrote in OpenOffice. Feel free to adapt it to your needs.

I currently use Debian on my laptop.

I'm currently exploring what input methods Linux offers for Tablet PC because I might be interested in getting one.

Older Stuff

See how I installed Gentoo on my Dell Inspiron 8500. You find this under older stuff, because though I still have my Dell i8500 I swapped to Debian, because I got tired of waiting while it would compile packages.

I did several installation of Linux on my powerbook. First I put a plain LinuxPPC R5 on it.

Then I tried to create an installation from scratch, but failed, so I went to a reduced down LinuxPPC installation.

I also tried to create a setup for a PC following the ideas from Linux From Scratch (LFS). In the spirit of LFS it will be an own setup using LFS as guideline and help.