Stocks at Swissquote (was Consors)

I started by funding the Consors account with CHF 8000 on 1999-12-29. The next chapter records what has happened since then.

Sites to consult for information on swiss stocks: Yahoo, Swissquote.


The items are listed in the order I bought them.


Shit happens, and when you go to a toilet in Switzerland you will flush it down using Geberit products. On 2000-12-19 I entered an order to buy 8 shares for 480 each, hoping they won't be flushed down by the market. The order was executed the next day. Since then the stock has fallen down to about 300 to gain again strength and is currently at around 600. What happens when you do not pay attention to your stock I discovered end of october 2004. On 2004-09-16 the share price had reached the point where it was worth more then double at which I bought. According to my rule the point to sell. But it stayed that high only for a few days and then plunged rapidly below 800. So I had to wait another year to cash in. On 2005-09-19 I finally entered the order to sell 4 at 960. It was executed the next day and the 4 shares were sold for CHF 964.50.

Information at: Swissquote, Yahoo.


On 2005-09-19 I entered the order to buy 40 at EUR 63 (CHF 98). It was executed the next day and I got 40 shares for EUR 62.70 each.

Information at: Swissquote, Yahoo.

Currently open orders

Whenever I'm interested in buying a stock, I place a limit order valid for 30 days. I do the same when there is the posibility that a stock will reach the point where I should sell it according to my rule. These are the orders currently open.

Stocks I didn't buy

Profits taken

Taken, yes... but all reinvested. So this doesn't prevent me from loosing it all again. But being spread over more stocks, I hope it is a bit safer.


Yearly results


This table replaces the individual reports of each year.

Results after the forth year

Below I wrote, that I want to be more active in 2001. This didn't happen, not in 2001, not in 2002 and almost not in 2003. Now at the end of the year, I look again into it.

Results after the first year

I started with CHF 8000, and now the account is worth CHF 7879, i.e. approx. 2 % less. But this result is pretty meaningless, as I bought the only stock for now just a few days before the end of the year.

It took me that long for two reasons. First swiss stocks value starts high and they hardly split. So when I found some interesting company its stock price was usually so high that I would get very few shares or not even one for the amount I initally wanted to invest which is CHF 2500 per position corresponding to 100 times the comission charged by Consors for swiss stock purchase or sell. I have later decided to raise this amount to CHF 4000 when Consors introduced the capability to buy stocks on the german market with a commision of about CHF 40 (EUR 25).

Second there was not much information on the Web. In contrast to most US web sites, which report News, Company Profile etc., Swiss sites reported just current stock price and maybe historical charts. This has changed since I discovered StockX (does not exist anymore) and Swissinvest. I hope to find even better informations on the web in the future.

In 2001 I want to be more active in swiss and maybe also german stocks, and I also plan to put more money into this account.