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Height 178 cm ICQ #42315212 ICQ status Info82
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non-smoker AIM/iChat claudionieder Turin and finally the Paris movie.
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Knowledge Bits, List of Links, Linux, Random thoughts on the perfect personal computer and on programming language and development tools,  Stocks to buy or sell, Overheard tidbits found worth remembering, VNC guide.

Software/Data I wrote or modified: Configuration Files, Dot Files, Java Classes, M2AMIGA, Perl Scripts, Shell Scripts, Unix programs, and some of oldest programs written for the first computer I owned, an Ohio Scientific (OSI) Superboard II.

Don't expect quality as I publish everything. Here you find code in work and abandoned unfinished work. All I wrote is placed under the GNU General Public License. For work I've modified please respect also license and copyright of the original authors.