Using encryption in Java.


See SVN repository and current javadoc.

Instead of waiting, that my sources get a high degree of maturity, I decided, that it would be more useful to make them available as soon as possible.

This directory is essentially a direct copy of my working directory. Thus you will find quite up-to-date sources. On the negative side, this means, that you will find also unfinished sources here, and sources which don't match.

Most of the modules you find here are free software which I allow you to use and distribute under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. Some software was not originally written by me, but only modified. In these cases please respect also the copyright notices contained in the original file.



OpenOffice examples

Chinese Input Method

On the Chinese in Java site you can find sources for implementations of input methods.

Test Applet

Below is an applet which determines the Java version used and uses the play method to fetch a non existing file whos name contains that information. You won't see nothing, but I will see those strings in my servers logfile and thus be able to see which versions are mostly used.

There is also an HTML 3.2 page which loads the same applet using an applet-tag instead of an object-tag as it is done on this XHTML page.